Developed concept, and how do you envision this performance during the flight? (Box)

For our developed proposal, with the initial “twin objects,” we would like to create a new 3rd space, a shared space for these two objects. By superimposing two video frames into one video, these twin objects, combination of a gyroscope, mirror and small cameras, we could potentially create this new space by fixing the camera with the axis of the gyroscope. While the gyroscope rotates in either earth or space environments, the subject in the frame would always be straight and steady within the video frame…

Our preliminary proposal is merging both the performative and object aspects of verticality. In terms of the performative aspect, we are interested in exploring the first- and third-person perspective of verticality based on one’s vertical perception and the audience’s understanding of one’s verticality. In terms of objects, we are thinking of creating a twin object, one on earth and another sent to the 0-G environment. We are thinking about combining both image capture and projection. …

Paul Meuser

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